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Avoid Critters Getting in Your Pool

Who likes critters? No one! So why do they appear in our pool? Although a swimming pool is a great place to cool off in the summertime, it can be deadly for animals so we will talk about how to keep snakes out of swimming pools. In the past few years, we see how these critters appear in a backyard everything including lions, tigers, and bears. Also included on this list are skunks, chipmunks, mice, lizards, frogs, snakes, ducks, fledgling birds, and even pets.

nimals of the Forest 

Every year there is a new housing development, and with it comes a life over the hedge. Seriously! So it is no surprise to see videos online on how humans with a blue oasis (better known as a swimming pool) will find bears, cougars, alligators, and more. Many of these animals are in danger of extinction as well. According to the Humane Society, wild animal babies are at risk since swimming pools can be attractive.

So, it is better to find ways to lower the threat to animals and human beings: 

Lounge Ledges – creating lounge ledges provides a shallow area where animals can easily escape; request your builder add it to a pool design. Fence – many communities already made it a law to place a fence around the pool. If not, do it to keep the critters out. It also helps to avoid accidental drowning to kids ages two and younger.Froglog – one of the popular pool items is the Froglog; it is a great device to allow animals to get out of the water.  If the critters are raccoons, mice or squirrels, place knotted nylon ropes along the sides, securing them to the pool edge. Ensure the knot is at the water’s surface so that the animal can climb out more quickly.

Just In Case…

Learn some rescue techniques to save a critter before installing a log, rope, or ramp:

Use a net or a pool skimmer to scoop frogs, birds, and other tiny animals. Also, use the bristled end of the broom to help them get out of the water.A float is great as a ramp to get larger animals out of the pool. Use a cinderblock or a ladder radio to anchor the float.An animal can bite, so proceed with caution.If forest animals frequent your oasis, consider creating a wildlife pond that provides water and food. In that way, it will avoid for animals to drink water from the pool, and it provides hours of viewing pleasure.

Let’s Talk About Snakes?!

There are 76 species of snakes in Texas alone. Most are not poisonous, but having one floating in a pool or bouncing out to the family around the edge of the oasis can be scary. There are only two camps for snakes – you either tolerate them or hate them and want them to go away. For the latter part, snakes are part of living in Texas, so don’t be surprised to find one sunbathing on your pool deck. Many ponder the question, How to keep snakes out of swimming pools?

void Attracting Snakes to Your Backyard

Mow the Lawn – Snakes love to hide in high-grass areas, making it a feeding ground for slithering pets. Why? Overgrown grass is also a place where rodents like mice and rats make their home. So please, mow the lawn!Don’t Feed the Pets Outside – Uncovered food attracts snakes and critters as well, regardless if the landscape is well kept. Remember, mice is the snake’s food delicacy. Ensure to pick up your pets’ food after they eat.Remove Standing Water in Your Backyard – Snakes need to keep hydrated, and they will go to anything that holds water close to the ground. So if you have a tire swing, toys, and other places where rain collects will attract snakes. White Vinegar or Amonia/the Best Repellant –Snakes absorb liquids through their skin, so they know to stay away from white vinegar or ammonia. Sprinkle any of those elements before going to bed, and keep your pool snake-free.

A way of how to keep snakes out of swimming pools is a chlorinated pool as it’s poisonous to snakes. Except when chasing a mouse or other food and fall into an oasis accidentally. Worst of all, it is not good to find one in a pool.  

Remember to call a pest service. Always assume that a snake is poisonous unless confirming that is safe. These tips will help to keep snakes, and critters, away from your pool area. 

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