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Enjoy a Poolside Picnic!

Some of the best summer memories happen by a swimming pool. The smell of sunscreen, tropical beverages, and getting more vitamin D from the sun rays are staples of the summer. It’s the time to enjoy the gorgeous blue water and recreate a place where family and friends can enjoy a swim and a bite. Welcome to a poolside picnic! Adding a picnic to the equation, you get a trio for summer; Sunshine, food, and time by the pool.

So, whether you have an outdoor kitchen or not, let us share some tips to make it memorable and fun this summer. 


Sunburn is not allowed! Therefore, sunscreen will help to avoid putting a damper on a fun day. The best part? Sunscreen is oil-free, and you can apply it to your face as well.

Lip Balm

Protect your puckers with a lip balm. Many now have SPF that will help them stay moist and protective from the sun.


Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful light rays. So, whether a person enjoys the outdoors or lounging by the swimming pool on a sunny day, remember to wear your face decor.

Good Food

Food staples like potato salad and baked beans are in many poolside picnics. However, you may want to go simpler with snackable or finger foods. In that way, you may avoid the cutlery. 

In the case you want to do a barbecue, bring marinated meat and pre-chopped veggies. Also, keep in mind those who may have food allergies and create a menu around that. 

Did you know that you can mix an American tradition with the tropical laidback setting of your pool? Then consider using cocktail umbrellas to hold sandwiches together or using a multi-colored blanket instead of a traditional picnic blanket.

And how about adding fruit to the menu? Water-based fruits like grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, or honeydew are great to keep you refreshed and hydrated on a hot day. 

Plastic Cups and Utensils 

There is no need to take out any glass. There are sturdy plastic wine glasses, plates, and cutlery that will make the occasion more fun. Investing in these items will make future picnics very convenient. 

Also, there are tumble-friendly mason jars with straws to pour in your iced tea, lemonade, and other delicious beverages. They are great to place in ice buckets, so they are cold and ready to use when you want. 

Drink Plenty of Water! 

If you plan to serve alcoholic drinks, keep in mind that they can dehydrate when consuming in vast quantities and when being under the sun. Make bottled water your number one priority, especially when enjoying some Margaritas by the pool. 

Big Picnic Blanket

The bigger, the better! More people can gather around to sit on it, and since it acts as the table for eating often, it makes it nice to have room for everyone. 

The Picnic Basket

No matter if it is a whisker basket or an ice cooler, it is an essential item to keep food fresh. Make sure that there is plenty of ice, so the beverages and perishables stay fresh.

Books and Magazines, Games and a Good Conversation

There are many ways to relax after a meal. Some prefer a good book or a magazine to read at a picnic. Others prefer to have portable games in hand like cards or other miniature versions of your favorite games. Also, establishing a conversation can stimulate your brain and keep you awake until it is ready to jump into a pool. 

Don’t Forget the Picnic Music

Now it is easy to have a device to play music. Most prefer to have a Bluetooth speaker connected to a phone or iPad. Have a favorite playlist that helps set the stage for a great outing. 

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