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Swimming Pool Exercises

If you like to have fun in the pool, why not use your free time and do some pool exercises?

Pool noodle workouts are an excellent choice if you are not fit or have joint and mobility issues that make traditional exercises difficult or painful. It helps to maintain or improve the cardiovascular system and strengthens and tones muscles.

When exercising with a pool noodle, you work against the buoyancy of the noodle. It engages various muscle groups while also giving you a great cardio workout. They are practical and fun. Exercise three times a week, with a day’s rest between sessions, and swim on the days in between if you like.

Below are some pool noodle exercises that you can try.

bs, Hips, and Legs

While swimming in deep water, place the noodle across your upper back and under your arms, holding one end in each hand.Keep feet together and point the toes while extending the legs toward the bottom of the pool.Lift your knees toward your chest while tightening the abdominal muscles. Hold the position for two seconds, and extend your legs back to the starting position. 

bs, Hips, Back, and Arms

Hold one end of the noodle in each hand, and extend your arms forward, shoulder-width apart.Stretch your legs straight back and rest your feet on a rung of your pool ladder.Keeping your arms extended, press down on the pool noodle to be in a plank position. Hold for 30 seconds before returning to the starting position. Repeat ten times.


Float on your back, extend your arms out to either side and position the pool noodle under your knees.Bend forward and lift your mid-body into a crunch, bringing your hands to your knees inside the noodle. Return to your starting position. Repeat 20 times.

bs, Hips, Buttocks, and Legs

Hold on to the pool ladder with both hands, elbows bent. Position the noodle under your belly, float your legs and extend them behind you, keeping your feet together.Tighten abs and lower legs toward the bottom of your pelvis so that your body is at a 90-degree angle. Start again and repeat twenty times.

Legs, Buttocks, Hips, and Abs

Stand on the pool noodle in hip-deep water as if you were sitting on a bicycle.  Hold one end of the noodle on each hand.Keep your back straight, lift your feet off the bottom of the pool, and step to the other side of the pool with a bicycle motion.Turn around and pedal back to the starting position. Repeat once and increase up to 5 times as your fitness increases.

Legs and Buttocks

Stand in hip-deep water and wrap the pool noodle around your upper back. Bring the ends forward and run one hand through the pool, lifting your knees. Let the noodle support the weight, especially when it is too deep to stand.When you reach the other side, walk back without turning around. Repeat this ten times.

Remember always…

Any exercise requires warm-up calisthenics such as jogging, jump rope, or walking lunges.If you want more traction while working out in the pool, water shoes are best.Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated while exercising.You don’t want to have an accident alone. Make sure someone else is present.

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