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The Difference Between a Spa and a Swim Spa

The healing powers of water continue to improve health and reduce pain. Water and spa therapies are now essential, especially for people with hectic lifestyles, and it offers an effective and natural way to relax and reduce stress.

You can tailor your spa experience to your exact needs with ergonomic design and customizable therapies. The spa and a swim spa can offer a variety of benefits and use. If you have a small backyard, adding a spa or a swim spa may be the answer. It might be convenient to take a closer look at the differences between them before deciding on what to include in your new and improved backyard.

The Spa

When the Jacuzzi Brothers created the first hot tub, they had no idea it would become a worldwide aquatic staple. It is now almost a standard included in a pool at home or in a public place. It represents healing and relaxation in the comfort of warm, jet-driven water.

The Benefits of Having a Spa

Time to Chill

The combination of pulsating jets, warm water, and the natural buoyancy of water can do magic to your body. It helps to release stress and relax your muscles. It is such a great feeling that people turn it into part of their daily routine. 

n Entertainment Spot

Everyone can enjoy and indulge, whether you can fit 4, 6, or 10 people in a spa.

Physical and Mental Wellbeing 

Physiotherapists use hot tubs as part of the rehabilitation process. So, if you have arthritis, chronic pain, tension headaches, or other conditions that cause pain or discomfort to your body regularly, you might find that a regular soak in a hot tub is just what you need. The massage jets help relieve body and muscle aches, and it also helps improve circulation and enhance the state of mind. Remember to consult with your physician before taking treatment. However, soaking in a hot tub won’t cure your situation but often help ease the symptoms and make it part of pain management.

The Swim Spa

The swim spa is the perfect hybrid between a hot tub and a swimming pool. The difference is the size and function. Most swim spas are suitable for a small area to swim with the use of strong swim jets and a separate seated hot tub area. If you are looking for recreational freedom of a pool but not enough backyard space, you can quickly look to a swim spa for a solution.  It includes a high-powered jetting system that provides enough resistance for a user to swim laps. 

The environment makes the perfect place for users to engage in other workouts like push-ups, jumping jacks, or more intricate practices like yoga.

The Benefits of Having a Swim Spa

n All-Year-Round Oasis

Swim spas offer the same levels of fun and fitness as a regular pool. So if you think you don’t have a room for this kind of oasis, it’s time to take another look. Swim spas are smaller than a conventional pool, and it requires fewer chemicals, less maintenance, and less energy to heat and operate. Best of all, you can enjoy your swim spa 12 months a year, adjusting the temperature to fit outdoor temperatures.

Swimming Atmosphere

Swim spas are the perfect way for swimming daily. Use swim currents to give the ability to focus on a swim stroke technique, and with no obstacles like steps or benches, it provides enough space to enjoy a more swimming experience. The best part is that you can more easily control the temperature and current settings to create an idyllic swimming environment throughout the year.

Fitness, Fun, and Flexibility

A swim spa provides fun and fitness. It gives the flexibility for exercises like tethered jogging and rowing. Also, it is a safe and easy environment to teach kids how to swim. Turn the current off, and you have the perfect plunge/splash pool for family fun or unwinding with friends. Remember that an adult must be present when kids are in a swim spa.

The Difference

A spa and a swim spa offer various benefits and use, but it depends on your needs and wants.

A regular spa goes well with unwinding after a day’s work, relaxing, enjoying a conversation, or having a small gathering.   

But, if there are kids or enjoy an active lifestyle, a swim spa might be a better choice, benefitting from many of the uses that a swimming pool provides without sacrificing space.

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